John Isaac Jones

John Isaac Jones is a retired journalist currently living and writing at Merritt Island, Florida.


For more than thirty years, “John I.,” as he prefers to be called, was a reporter and writer for media outlets throughout the world.


These included local newspapers in his native Alabama, The National Enquirer, News of the World in London, the Sydney Morning Herald, and NBC television.


He is the author of five novels, a short story collection and five novellas.


The greatest gift life has to offer, John I. says, is peace of mind.


“Anyone who says they have only one life to live must have never read a book.”


Old-fashioned stories that touch the heart!

Books by Author John Isaac Jones

Self Knowledge


Self-knowledge is the most valuable of all human intelligence.


Self-knowledge provides exquisite insights into our intrinsic selves like no other information.


Self-knowledge represents a model of self which, once developed, indicates all of the characteristics of that self.


Self- knowledge allows us to know who we are and allows us to predict how we will react in any number of life situations.


Self-knowledge provides clues of greater things to come, but it can also be a warning to be on your guard.


Self-knowledge is the key to understanding others. Only when you understand yourself can you begin to understand others. Your understanding of self is your benchmark for understanding others.


Self-knowledge is the only knowledge which enables one to have almost total control over one’s self. It is the sustainer, the protector and the source of freedom. It is a total package and it serves our intrinsic selves like no other knowledge.


Self-knowledge, once developed, becomes the bedrock of the human psychoscape. Socrates said it much more succinctly and effectively than I when he said: “Know thyself”.


Use it well!

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“This fast paced novel deftly tackles complicated questions of sacrifice, loyalty, and grief while keeping the suspense high until the story’s final twist. This book should especially appeal to fans of star-crossed romances. A knotty, engaging tale of lost hope and lonely nights.” –  Kirkus Reviews

“I could hear Elvis singing as tears fell on the last page of the book. One of the best short stories I’ve ever read.” — Amazon reviewer

“Thanks, John Isaac Jones! I loved this book! Beautifully written, edited, and oh, so entertaining! Thank you for the ‘insider’ look of what really goes on behind the scenes of tabloid journalism, and yes, readers, it IS journalism.” – Amazon reviewer
An engaging tale of murder, redemption and the search for God.” – Amazon reviewer.
Author John Isaac Jones writes with elegant simplicity, yet his narrative is rich with detail and the keen observation of the human character. Jones’s easy-going and familiar story-telling voice and descriptions place the reader in the heart of each story. The stories are simply told yet contains a paradox, an irony, a heartfelt lesson in love and life.  ALABAMA STORIES provides a beautifully understated and compelling glimpse into human experience. –IndieReader reviewer

“A compelling short story, with several unexpected twists at the end. Well written, interesting progression of the story, then Bam, a twist to the left then to the right….Since it is a short story, impossible to give any details without giving away the story. Worth a read and makes you think!” – Amazon reviewer