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Legend of Alabama’s Goat Man

There are legends, and then there are LEGENDS. Some legends are born of woman. Some legends are born of imagination. Some are born of a combination of the two. Often, in such a case as the latter, it is difficult, if not impossible, to separate fact from fiction. There are those who are ‘a legend

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Tasty Chicken and Dumplings

“My mom makes the best chicken and dumplings in the world!” exclaimed my eight-year-old granddaughter. Then, as if to console me, added, “Yours are second best in the world.” Every Southern born man, woman and child from who were living before the fast-food era probably had a mother or grandmother or friend who made the

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Sacred Harp Singing

The tradition of Fa So La singing, so-called Sacred Harp singing, is as deeply embedded in the fabric of Southern culture as chicken and dumplings and “See Rock City” signs. Known as shape note singing originally, Fa-So-La singing has its roots in the “country parish music” of early eighteenth Century England. Practiced mostly in small

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