About the Book

“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers for some have entertained angels unaware.” - Hebrews 13:2
When his father died, Billy felt he would never lose the vicious, gnawing grief that had formed in the innermost recesses of his soul. His father had been his mentor, his adviser, his fishing buddy, his protector, and most of all, his dearest and closest friend all of my life. It was grief he felt he would never be totally free of. Then, out of nowhere, a miracle occurred!

Behind the Story

When my father died, I felt that my entire world had collapsed. Little did I know that, during the six months after his death, a miracle would occur to help me overcome my grief.


“Made me want to call my dad! With a melancholy start, Billy loses his beloved father. John I. gives beautiful details of Billy recounting the precious moments he had with his father. The grief for the loss Billy endures is almost unbearable, then a friendship blossoms that helps to fill the void. John I.’s style of writing is so engrossing I’m always captivated by the beauty of his story telling. If you haven’t experienced this gifted author’s work, I highly recommend that you pick up one of his books.” Mandymay, Amazon reviewer

“Angels among us! John Isaac Jones has once again written a lovely, thought-provoking short story. I get so caught up in the emotion of the words he writes and it truly touches my heart and soul. - CatrinaP