“Listen only to imagination.” – Mark Twain

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Going Home

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Going Home

Archie Johnson was prepared to meet his death in the electric chair. At least, he thought he was.

The sentence had been read; he had had his last meal; and the prison chaplain had asked God to have mercy on his immortal soul.

Then, just as they were strapping him in, Archie suddenly remembered thaere were a few things he wanted to do before he left this earth.

This yarn has been called a “dead man’s dream.”

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Tembo Makaburi

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Going Home

In 1968 Walter Cravens, a big game hunter, is pursuing a mysterious bull elephant across the Serengeti plains.

Accompanied by his Masai native guide, Cravens will stop at nothing in his pursuit of the elephant’s ivory tusks. Even a dire warning from an old woman won’t stop him from seeking the elephant’s destination, Tembo Makaburi, the elephant graveyard.

A suspenseful yarn of arrogance and greed.