About the Book

The kitchen from hell!! Hilarious story about a group of kitchen employees in a 1950s Alabama hotel and how they prepared the salads for the state’s annual businessman’s banquet. Not for the squeamish! Be forewarned: after reading this yarn, you may never again eat another salad! Deliciously-served dark humor!

Behind the Story

When I was in high school, I worked afternoons in the kitchen of a local hotel printing menus for that day’s food offering. One weekend, while the kitchen staff was preparing food for the biggest event of the year, the salad girl lost a wad of band-aids in this huge tub of tossed salad. This short story, sad but true, grew out of that event. Not for the squeamish!


“Hilarious! Disgusting! Beautiful! Blood on the Salad is a short story regarding the kitchen staff in a 1958 hotel in Alabama. The story is well written to capture the audience’s attention and keep them engaged. The characters are interesting and well described. Overall, I enjoyed reading the story. I do not believe that I’ll ever again look at a salad or a buffet without thinking about this story. – Amazon reviewer