Johnny Daytona

About the Book

In this story, Billy Johnson discovers the incredible fascination the game of billiards holds for him. Most of all, it recalls the love, respect and hero-worship he had for the legendary Johnny Daytona, the greatest player the game has ever known.

Behind the Story

When I was a teenager, I had an unbelievable love for the game of billiards. In my hometown, the best pool player around was a small-statured, Italian man who was a true master of the game and I would spend hours upon hours watching him play, enjoying every moment. In this story, his name is Johnny Daytona. This tale is based on my hero worship of that little man!


“Good read! A great yarn about a young boy and his hero worship of a billiards player.” – Kindle Customer

“Thank you, Mr. Jones! I’m a pool player. l love this! Thank you very much for writing this!” – Amazon reviewer