About the Book

Life in the digital age isn’t quite as simple as it appears. Lots of times, you can’t tell what’s real from what’s not. When world-famous computer genius Dr. Carl Wingate goes online looking for a wife, he learns that lesson the hard way. Pygmalion for the 21st Century!


“Pygmalion for the 21st Century! Computer genius Dr. Carl Wingate has spent his entire life writing computer programs, designing hardware and shaping the modern digital world. A widower in his 50s, Carl tries to find love again but no one sparks his interest. When his daughter suggests online dating, Carl decides to join Southern Singles and meets a special woman with the handle Lonely Magnolia.

Lonely Magnolia is a clever short story about technology and love. You could take this as a commentary on the detached way we as a modern society make friends and start relationships online. Or you can just enjoy it for the interesting read that it is. I expected it to end differently, but John Isaac Jones is always unexpected. It’s a good way to spend an hour, and well worth the read.” HeatherY

“Held my interest! Lonely Magnolia by John Isaac Jones is a novella about a wealthy, but socially awkward, middle-aged widower who meets a special woman via online dating. The story is fascinating and engaging, but I did find the ending to be a bit of a letdown. Still, solidly recommended!” - Kevin L. Reed