About the Book

In 1968, Walter Cravens, a big game hunter, is pursuing a mysterious bull elephant across the Serengeti plains. Accompanied by his Masai native guide, Cravens will stop at nothing in his pursuit of the elephant’s ivory tusks. Even a dire warning from an old woman won’t stop him from seeking the elephant’s destination, Tembo Makaburi, the Swahili term for elephant graveyard.

Behind the Story

When I was a teenager, I read many comic books of stories about evil people who received their just desserts relative to the misdeeds they were committing. This is my take on such a story about a big game hunter.


“Beautifully done! I don’t usually read short stories as normally they don’t have much depth to them. This story is different. The main characters are an elephant and a hunter. The reader learns the “heart” of them both very early on. The author has done a great job of drawing the reader into the book. As the tension mounts, the reader finds himself picking sides between the hunter and the elephant. The writing is quite mesmerizing, flowing page by page until the conclusion. An excellent read!” – Amazon customer

“Perfect twist of an ending! Jones captured me again with this story about a man’s greed and arrogance. In just a few paragraphs he sketched out the setting and placed me there, baking under the African sun. It’s very well written, and as always, has the perfect twist of an ending. If you’re hesitating about picking up the book because you’re an animal lover or don’t like to read about hunting, you’ll be ok with this read. It had me googling elephants and their habits, and I love stories that make me want to read more about the subject. Highly recommend!” – Tam Windsor