About the Book

When the Lazy B Ranch is sold as a victim of the computer age, it seems that J.L. Crockett’s way of life as a cowboy in the United States is finished. So, he decides to pack up and move to Argentina, where ranches are still run by human beings. As J.L. begins a cross-country journey to Miami so he can board the ship to South America, he meets Karina, another soul chasing after an elusive dream. The two join together in a wild and crazy trip where they encounter evangelists, con artists, thieves, ghosts, and drug lords as they bond together over hardship along the way. Will J.L., with Karina, make it to his next destination or will he really be The Last Cowboy?


“Funny! Crazy! Great read! As the story begins, J.L. Crockett is reminiscing about the events in his life over the past ten years ago, when a new style of ranching stole his job and set him on a trip across the country. Along the way, J.L. meets with crooks and con men, generous and kindhearted souls, the unexplained supernatural, and a strong woman who recognizes the best in him. J.L.’s journey from Washington State to Florida, filled with colorful slices of American life, was an enjoyable read. J.L. is a gentle soul and a firm believer in karma. He’s the kind of man who takes every opportunity to help someone else, and watching his particular brand of religion reward him was a pleasure. This book had some genuinely funny moments, interesting characters, and a likable lead. It’s well worth a read.” Amazon reviewer Heather Yellen

“I loved J.L. and Karina’s story! The Last Cowboy by John Isaac Jones was a great read. J.L. Crockett is a cowboy in the United States who is headed to South America to continue being a rancher. On his journey to South America, he meets Karina. I loved reading J.L. and Karina’s story.” - Kindle customer