About the Book

Thirteen Stories is a collection of the most popular short stories and novellas written by author John Isaac Jones over the past 15 years. The stories cover a wide range of subjects including psychotic love, life-after-death, poetic justice, unrequited love, revenge, sibling rivalry, dark, family secrets and a visit by an angel.


“Wonderful stories! Stories that hit your heart, your sense of whimsy and your memories of different times - – writing about the South of the Fifties in a nostalgic and loving way - with the touch of darkness.” - Amazon reviewer

“Wishing there were 53 stories! Ready to take a break from today’s bull crap? Want to go back to those special days when life was tough, but good?

How about tickling your memories from those special times? If so, then I highly recommend this collection of John I. Jones favorite stories.

His words will touch each emotion, create smiles, produce tears, and make you whisper, ‘I’m so glad I was born in one of the greatest times in this country’. Prepare yourself for a whirlwind of memories and down-to-earth times. I highly recommend all of John I.’s works, but this collection is a perfect beginning. Enjoy! “Thank you, John I. for sharing your storytelling talent with me. Please keep writing...and smiling.” – Author Lee Carey

“John I. scores a touchdown! I have been reading a lot of this author’s works lately, both book and short story. His unfolding of the life of Edgar Allan Poe in A Quiet Madness was the first I read, and I enjoyed it immensely. Thirteen Stories is a compilation of hilarious, scary, thought-provoking gems from his mind.

His innate ability to compose well-constructed sentences into well-constructed paragraphs, and so on. is noticeable from the start, plus the story is helped so much by his compassion for people and his knowledge of personality quirks and upsides and downsides.

Characters might start and stay true to form throughout the entire read, or they might pull a ‘gotcha’ on you. That’s why the reading is fun, it’s not predictable. Several times I laughed out loud, or gasped at something even when I knew what was coming, but especially so when I was taken by surprise. I highly recommend it! – AMAC Amazon reviewer