Self Knowledge

Self-knowledge is the most valuable of all human intelligence.

Self-knowledge provides exquisite insights into our intrinsic selves like no other information.

Self-knowledge represents a model of self which, once developed, indicates all of the characteristics of that self.

Self- knowledge allows us to know who we are and allows us to predict how we will react in any number of life situations.

Self-knowledge provides clues of greater things to come, but it can also be a warning to be on your guard.

Self-knowledge is the key to understanding others. Only when you understand yourself can you begin to understand others. Your understanding of self is your benchmark for understanding others.

Self-knowledge is the only knowledge which enables one to have almost total control over one’s self. It is the sustainer, the protector and the source of freedom. It is a total package and it serves our intrinsic selves like no other knowledge.

Self-knowledge, once developed, becomes the bedrock of the human psychoscape. Socrates said it much more succinctly and effectively than I when he said: “Know thyself”.

Use it well!