Latest review of A Quiet Madness: A Biographical Novel of Edgar Allan Poe


“What made the man?

Edgar Allan Poe sits among the great poets and wordsmiths for his literary talents. The nineteenth-century ‘man of letters’ possessed an assortment of opinions on topics of life, love, amorous congress, and death. He acquired his unique style and aptitude over forty years of life. And what a life it was!

This reader remained fascinated by this down-to-earth, well written biographical novel by John Isaac Jones, who details heartbreaking events, along with Poe’s love of women, writing, successful ventures, and failures from birth to his passing. With the revelation of additional segments of interesting information, the reader is drawn deeper into Poe’s psyche. Jones achieves his goal of illustrating Poe’s development as a writer by including certain poems. We see Poe’s victories, along with his many agonizing defeats. However, Jones also reveals Poe’s powerful resilience to triumph over adversity, no matter how vicious, right up to the conclusion of his rollercoaster life.

This reader and author knew basically nothing of Poe, aside from the poem ‘The Raven’ and the old movie ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’. However, because of the gifted author, John I. Jones, and this fine piece of writing, I vow to read more of Edgar Allan Poe’s work – since now I know ‘what made the man’.

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