Latest Review of For Love of Daniel

For Love of DanielLatest review of For Love of Daniel

For Love of Daniel
by John Isaac Jones (Goodreads Author)
5 Stars *****
Tam’s review Sep 24, 2018
An amazing story…

This poignant, charming novella warmed my heart more than anything has in a LONG time. It had a distinctly fairytale-ish feeling to it and made me smile all the way through. I loved the underlying theme that families are not only something that you are born into but something you can build and create with unrelated people that you choose. And, the obvious message that something as simple as unconditional love can change and transform seemingly-unremarkable lives into special ones overflowing with fulfillment, a sense of completeness and beauty really resonated with me.

This had everything I have come to expect from a John Isaac Jones story. He always draws me in and makes me feel REAL emotions for his imagined characters. ALWAYS.