An Affair to Remember!

Rating:5 out of 5 blossoms!

By Tammy Windsor

This book was SO enjoyable that, once I picked it up, I could not put it down. I literally read all night long to finish it!

The plot was well-developed and had just the right amount of Southern charm and quaint “small town Georgia” feel.

And, I should know, as I am a small town Georgian, myself! The plot line was interesting and moved at a good, steady pace, never stalling or going flat.

The characters are rich and vibrant, full of warmth, passion and depth and are written in such a manner that you come to feel as if they are old friends you’ve always known.

It was very easy to get wrapped up in the feelings and emotions of the central characters and experience them in tandem. The deep loneliness, frenetic sexual angst, hollow longing, all-consuming joy of true love and soul-rending despair were all palpable.

The descriptive details were outstanding and invitingly drew me in. I could very nearly smell the fragrant peach trees, fresh hay and old, wooden timbers of the barn. I felt the hot, summer sun baking my skin, the oppressive, humid air sitting heavy in my lungs and the chilly water of the river being playfully splashed on me.

I could have sworn I could hear the wind rustling with a whisper through the crisp autumn leaves, the squawking and quacking of the plethora of ducks bobbing on the water’s surface and the low, plaintive bawling of the baby calf that had been separated from his mother during milking time.

I could almost taste the delicate sweetness of the rustic peach pie, the cool, refreshing purity of the water at the natural spring and the ambrosial headiness of passion’s first kiss.

The overall theme of the book put me in mind of one of my very favorite movies, The Bridges of Madison County. This book made me laugh, cry, sigh and wax nostalgic. Oh, and there’s a real humdinger of a twist that comes out of nowhere and leaves you stunned and emotionally annihilated.

Just thought I’d throw that 411 in there! I am really looking forward to reading more from Jones.