“Listen only to imagination.” – Mark Twain

This blog will be sort of a personal diary for me. It will be a place where I talk about my books, the writing life, old memories, women I have known, classic literature, experiences as a tabloid reporter, weird life experiences, crazy jobs I’ve had, places I’ve been, things I’ve learned and people I have known. You would be quite accurate if you called it John I.’s Ramblings. 

Latest review of Tembo Makaburi…

By Tammy Windsor 5 Golden Stars!!!! Format: Kindle Edition In my literary book, Jones can write no wrong! And, this book just proves that fact to me, once again. In Tembo Makaburi, Jones brings you along on a greedy man’s quest for riches and glory as he relentlessly pursues a dying, bull elephant, and his

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Grandfathers now available on audio!

“I like talking to you, Granddaddy,” the child said. “I like talking to you, too, little boy,” the grandfather said. Suddenly, the child burst into tears and ran to his grandparent. “Oh, Granddaddy,” the child sobbed, leaping into his grandfather’s arms. “I love you! I love you! I love you!” For a full ten seconds,

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The Last Cowboy

An Old Cowboy remembers how he fell in love….

The Last Cowboy now available on audio!! When the Lazy B Ranch is sold as a victim of the computer age, it seems that J.L. Crockett’s way of life as a cowboy in the United States is finished. So he decides to pack up and move to Argentina, where ranches are still run by human

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Tembo Makaburi now available as Audiobook

Tembo Makaburi Now Available on Audio Tembo Makaburi, the Swahili term for “elephant cemetery”, is the stuff of which dreams were made for ivory hunters. Come along on the story of a greedy man’s quest for riches and glory as he relentlessly pursues an aging bull elephant and his valuable ivory tusks across the arid heat of

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The Hand of God

The Writing Life: Part I

The Writing Life: Part I Where do you get ideas? Funny how people always seem to ask me that. And it’s a fair question. I can remember, as a young writer, asking that question myself. First, ideas are everywhere, but you must exercise caution in choosing them. You might get an idea from some an experience,

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The Agreement

My novella, The Agreement, now available on Audio

“Follow love and it will flee; flee love and it will follow thee.” (Old Southern saying) When Alma Dawson, a middle-aged, hard-working single mother, sets out to get the tuition money for her daughter’s last year of college, she never dreamed her entire world would be turned upside down. A poignant, inspiring story, this novelette is a

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The Old Men

The Old Men now available as Audiobook

The Old Men now available as Audiobook For years, the old men had been hanging around the country grocery store whiling away their days playing checkers and dominoes and talking about politics, women, drinking and life experiences. All that time, the store owner readily approved their presence in the store and went on about his business

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The Hand of God

Kirkus Review of my novel The Hand of God

An African-American man is caught between his own demons and those of 1950s American society in this historical novel. Jones (Tembo Makaburi, 2017, etc.) tells the story of 24-year-old Bobby Lincoln, who lives in the coastal town of Palm Harbor in 1955 Florida. With few jobs and no education available to him, he ekes out

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The Duck Springs Affair

An Affair to Remember!

Rating:5 out of 5 blossoms! By Tammy Windsor This book was SO enjoyable that, once I picked it up, I could not put it down. I literally read all night long to finish it! The plot was well-developed and had just the right amount of Southern charm and quaint “small town Georgia” feel. And, I

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Honore de Balzac

Honore de Balzac – The Greatest Novelist

In the early sixties, a group of well-known literary pundits got together to decide who were the greatest novelists of all time. Their conclusion was that Leo Tolstoy wrote the greatest novel in “War and Peace”, but they also decided that the French novelist Honore de Balzac was the greatest novelist simply because he produced

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